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Spotlight Continued

  • Posted: May 1
    MPC researcher and CSU civil and environmental engineering assistant Professor Yanlin Guo was recently awarded a five-year National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award of $542,000 to develop new methodologies for assessing wind damage risks to building exteriors.
  • Posted: May 1
    The University of Utah was awarded approximately $600,000 by the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) Deep Technology Talent Initiative to introduce a pioneering Transportation Infrastructure Electrification Joint Certificate Program.
  • Posted: May 1
    MPC researcher Cathy Liu was honored with the Outstanding Educator Award presented by the Mountain District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). The award recognizes Liu's passion for transportation education and her dedication to her students.
  • Posted: Apr 19
    Researchers at the University of Utah developed a web-based platform, named the Utah Advanced Air Mobility Simulator (UAAMS) to enable researchers, planners, and practitioners to record and update assumptions about the distribution of vertiports, traffic, population, and other requirements that may affect the operation of the transportation network.
  • Posted: Apr 16
    A journal paper based on MPC research, "Seismic Column-To-Footing Connections Reinforced with Steel/GFRP Bars and GFRP Spirals," was recently published in the April issue of Engineering Structures. The paper was co-authored by Ph.D. student Duc Tran and MPC researcher Chris P. Pantelides at the University of Utah.
  • Posted: Apr 16
    MPC researcher and Utah State University Professor Brady Cox is this year's recipient of the American Society of Civil Engineers Prakash Lecturer Award for outstanding research or professional practice contributions in the area of geotechnical engineering or soil dynamics. Only one person is selected annually.
  • Posted: Apr 15
    MPC researcher Pedro Romero received the Friend of Industry Award from the Utah Asphalt Paving Association at its annual Utah Asphalt Conference February 27-28.
  • Posted: Jan 29
    Researchers at North Dakota State University’s Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute are using data from autonomous and connected vehicles to learn how to improve evacuation in the event of disasters like wildfire.
  • Posted: Jan 16
    Thanks to University of Utah research, traffic cameras coupled with the power of artificial intelligence tools like deep learning and computer vision are giving traffic managers more reliable tools for managing traffic flow on interstate highways.
  • Posted: Jan 2
    Aleks Paskett, a master's degree student in civil engineering at Utah State University, has been named the 2023 Student of the Year for the Mountain-Plains Consortium. He will be honored with other award winners from across the country during an awards ceremony January 6 in Washington, D.C.
  • Posted: Dec 5, 2023
    Research at North Dakota State University’s Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute offers a roadmap for companies and agencies looking to profitably implement the use of autonomous aircraft.
  • Posted: Nov 15, 2023
    Researchers at Colorado State University developed a system for evaluating the risk of critical infrastructure system disruption from tree damage during windstorms. The research findings can potentially to be applied in future risk assessment and mitigation of urban trees before windstorms.
  • Posted: Nov 13, 2023
    Researchers at Colorado State University are studying new traffic control strategies for signalized intersections that may improve traffic safety, reduce congestion, and cut wait times for motorists at intersections impacted by crashes and other traffic disruptions.
  • Posted: Nov 6, 2023
    Researchers at the University of Utah studied a section of roadway that deteriorated prematurely to learn how to improve road construction where soft subgrades are involved. The researchers studied a geogrid-reinforced pavement system on the section of Utah State Route 10 between Muddy Creek and Emery.
  • Posted: Nov 2, 2023
    Researchers with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at NDSU surveyed local road managers across North Dakota and with a special emphasis on the oil-producing region of North Dakota to learn about road safety activities.
  • Posted: Oct 9, 2023
    Researchers at the University of Utah are improving analytical and numerical methods to estimate the amount of permanent ground displacement associated with liquefaction-induced lateral spread.
  • Posted: Oct 4, 2023
    Researchers at North Dakota State University and the University of Utah studied traffic in the Salt Lake City area to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted traffic and traffic safety. Most transportation research to date has focused on the early stages of the pandemic, but this study examined traffic patterns and crash trends throughout the pandemic.
  • Posted: Sep 28, 2023
    Congratulations to MPC researcher Ying Huang on being named the 2023 winner of the NDSU College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award. Huang is professor and Welch Faculty Fellow of civil, construction and environmental engineering. Her teaching focus covers surveying, materials and transportation infrastructure design. She has developed two new courses at NDSU, broadening the offerings in transportation engineering available to students.
  • Posted: Aug 31, 2023
    In a study of snowplow routes in northern Utah, researchers at the University of Utah proposed routes that improved the efficiency by an average of 4.87% in terms of vehicle miles, 13.95% in terms of deadhead miles, and 15.38% in terms of turnaround time.
  • Posted: Aug 10, 2023
    With more than 47,000 culverts under highways in Utah, researchers at the University of Utah developed a culvert management system and manual for the Utah Department of Transportation to help prioritize its inspection and maintenance efforts.
  • Posted: Aug 4, 2023
    Researchers at Colorado State University are developing improved computer models to better predict precipitation-induced landslides, particularly those in mountainous areas, which can pose risks to property and infrastructure such as roads and bridges and result in injuries and deaths.
  • Posted: Jul 27, 2023
    Research at the University of Utah is addressing the disconnect between asphalt mixture tests and the inputs for the structure design of pavements. Because of its complexities, the dynamic modulus (which represents the stiffness of the asphalt material when tested in a compressive, repeated load and is required as an input into the structural design of asphalt) is seldom measured, resulting in average or default values being used.
  • Posted: Jun 28, 2023
    UGPTI researcher Raj Bridgelall was inducted this week as a fellow by the National Academy of Inventors. He was among 169 distinguished academic inventors who were inducted as fellows at the NAI’s national meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • Posted: Jun 21, 2023
    Research at South Dakota State University shows that a new bridge system made with cross-laminated timber (CLT), which exhibits desirable design strength and low environmental impacts, offers a suitable replacement for bridges on low-volume roads.
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